Guidings | Team
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Get to know us better

Guidings is on a mission to revolutionize
the way people discover new experiences,
across oceans and in their own backyard.

A Bit About Us

With an international team from Denmark, China, Guatemala, Norway and the United States, Guidings is poised to develop the next essential explorer’s tool.

Our team not only represents five different nationalities, but also a broad range of interests alongside their expertise. Matilde lindy hopps, Kenzie loves literature and cultural events, Stian is a beer enthusiast, Phil climbs and skis, Val likes salsa and nightlife, and Junjun is a photographer. This means we have access to several international networks and many microcommunities in which to build up the required community around Guidings. We met 6 months ago in Trondheim, Norway, and have since then managed to built a live beta-test with videos from 10 countries.

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Matilde Bisballe

Product & Storytelling

Kenzie Allen


Stian Holmås

Resident Server Expert

Junjun Guo

UI Design

Valeria Gaitan

Android & Desktop

Philip Lauffenburger

We are explorers

We value unique experiences, and we hope you’ll find your next adventure through Guidings!

Why We Started Guidings

We love to travel and especially explore new places. However, current digital recommendation tools don’t include insights to dynamic and changing activities in new areas. They don’t leave room for getting local tips, either.

That’s why we developed Guidings, with the aim to create a useful tool for explorers to get unique suggestions on where to go in a new area or in your own backyard.

An explorers geographical location and interests are the only constants when being in a new area, and basing our service on exactly these two parameters is what makes Guidings truly unique.