Guidings | How It Works
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How It Works

See what's possible with Guidings

Guidings let you browse through video recommendations using location and keywords.

Looking for a new experience?

Step 1 – Type in a keyword

Step 2 – Browse through the tagged videos

Step 3 – Decide where to go…

Want to suggest your own favorites?

Step 1 – From your chosen spot, start recording…

Step 2 – You’ll have 20 seconds to tell the world why it’s special, and what they should know to experience it best

Step 3 – Tag your video with relevant keywords so others can find it, and then upload it to the world map!

You’ll also unlock achievements simply by browsing through the app, or, you can get extra points for uploading your own Guidings!

Download now to earn the Early Adopter badge!
Download now to earn the Early Adopter badge!

Download the app and give it a try today!


Or check out our desktop version for a sneak peek.